Jul 22, 2015
posted in Maternity

I grew up in Sao Paulo, Brazil. My family owned a clothing factory and after school I would go to my parents’ business. Some children listen to music while doing their homework. I listened to the steady hum of the sewing machines. Every now and then, I would sit down at one of the machines and try to sew, but it was not my gift.  I’d hate to count the number of needles I broke in those early attempts to imitate the seamstresses.

Fast forward to the present – I was so excited about an upcoming maternity shoot that I decided to make the dress myself. I bought a sewing machine, read the manual, and flipped the on switch. The sound brought back so many memories, and thankfully, the needle stayed in one piece. You can see the finished dress in the photos. The mom-to-be’s makeup is also my handiwork.

One of the great things about a photo shoot, is that it forces you to press the pause button on life’s craziness and concentrate on what (and who) is really important. I call it “phototherapy”. We laughed and laughed during this photo shoot, so I guess you could you say, we had a great session.  Lacey Ladanza from Leaf&Stem did the flower  hairpiece. Isn’t so beautiful?!

A little note from the mom-to-be:

Jacob and I met at Cayuga community College in our Abnormal Psychology class. He loves playing guitar, he’s fascinated with space, a mutual love and passion we share is the endless need to learn as much as we can. We both love the outdoors, swimming, hiking, and nature trails are sure to be family activities in the future. As a family, we plan to move to Albany where Jacob and I can continue our education. We both want to make sure 2.0 (that’s the baby’s nickname) knows the value of a good education and we want to be able to provide him with all the things he’ll need in life. I imagine he’ll be a lot like his daddy is; funny, handsome, charming, and intelligent. I can’t wait to find out what his interests and passions will be, but I know no matter what they are that his dad and I will love him endlessly.